No. 18 Women’s Water Polo Travel Trip to Harvard

For the first time in Broncos history, the Broncos women’s water polo team is traveling to Harvard for a weekend of play. Julia Peters from the team will be blogging about their trip everyday.

Sun., March 9:

We were up before the sun this morning with a 6 am wake up call on top of day lights savings time. You would’ve never guessed that sleep was an issue with how we started our 8 am game against Princeton. With a close finish, we unfortunately did not pull out a win but luckily had time to regroup before our game against Harvard at 1 pm.

It was Harvard’s senior game so we started a wee bit late, which seemed innocent at the time but really caused us some trouble. After shaking hands after our victory over Harvard, we sprinted to the locker room to change to catch a flight that was boarding in less than an hour!

We quickly grabbed food and hopped on the 7 hour flight back to the Bay! We chased the sun all the way home and were able to get a quick last glimpse of it from our plane. I don’t think we have ever been so excited to walk outside and feel the nice warm 65 degree weather of San Francisco.

The Bronco Bus was truly a beautiful sight to see for a team who is eager for their own beds. After a short bus ride from SFO back to campus, we all raced off to our homes to get a good night sleep before the chaos of finals week swarms us.

We will all sleep well feeling successful and proud to be Broncos. It truly was a great weekend to be a Bronco!

Check out day four video!

Sat., March 8:

It was finally game day, the reason we made this trek to the east coast! First up, we had Wagner at 10:30 am. From a slow start to a nail biting finisher in overtime, all were ecstatic to pull out a win.
There are a couple of different referees here that we are not used to, so it took awhile to get adjusted to their calls. Suit grabs and sharp nails seemed to get by with some of the referees today (see the photos)!

Even though we had hours between our games, we only really had one hour of down time. Some of us went to a locals favorite shop called All Star Sandwich Bar, where we got delicious sandwiches
(but not as delicious as Ike’s; cough, cough). Back at the hotel we rested up for our next game against Brown.

After our second win of the day against Brown, we were all eager to spend time with our families and friends. Several of us were fortunate enough to have loved ones venture to Boston and we had the opportunity to split off from the group and enjoy a dinner with them.

Now we are all back at the hotel, tired and anxious for what tomorrow will bring. Our first game is at 8
am vs Princeton and then at 1 pm vs Harvard.

Great start so far and hoping to have a strong finish tomorrow!


Fri., March 7:

After a full day of travel on thursday, we were all eager to get some sleep and then explore the Harvard area. Not only have most of us never been able to visit Harvard, but it was sophomores Sydni Estrella
and Elle Surber’s first time to the east coast!

We had a short practice to fine tune everything and get an introduction to playing in an indoor pool before we start our games tomorrow. With playing in an indoor pool, there comes several challenges including finding coach’s voice amongst the echoes and catching our breath in the stuffy environment. On the bright side, we don’t have to adjust to the sun and weather conditions outside of the pool!

After our practice, we were able to stroll around Harvard Square before our dinner reservations. We decided to try our fate with the local subway system and boy did we stick out like a sore thumb! We made it to our destination, Dolce Vita, where we ate amazing Italian cuisine and the owner serenaded us with Italian songs. After dinner we satisfied our sweet tooth with cannollis from the infamous Mike’s Pastry.

With our bellies full and noses freezing in the 32 degree weather, we were ready to head back to the hotel for a great night of sleep for our game vs. Wagner at 10:30 am tomorrow.

Goodnight and go Broncos!

Boston day two video!

Thurs., March 6: